Growing bonsai and orchids

Sphagnum moss for growing bonsai and orchids

The rather exceptional water retention power of sphagnum moss enables many usages. Layered on the surface at the foot of a bonsai, protects it from the sun and retains moisture, improving root formation. It allows the achievement of air layering. In combination with other materials (Akadama, compost, etc. …) it aerates the substrate and facilitates irrigation and water retention. The moss is antibacterial; it helps prevent rot and disease. Its use is strongly recommended in growing orchids. The moss is also used in building plant walls.

The following slide is about the Orchimadrid exhibition in Madrid (Spain)on may 15, 2011.
Mr Carlos from CampoJardin company in Caceres (Spain) who sent us these photos had used sphagnum as ‘base and substrate‘ for his orchids growth.

On may 23, 2011 he said :

“Se puede observar la evolución y el sorprendente crecimiento de las plantas. No se ha modificado ningun elemento, los cambios se deben a mas floraciones y crecimiento de todas las plantas.”

Translation :

“You can observe the amazing evolution and growth of plants. Has not been modified any element, the changes are due to more blooms and growth of all plants”.

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