Green walls and facades

The photos that you’re going to discover in the first gallery proceed from Spain, France, England, USA, South Korea, Thailand, Chile. Our “Grangier” system and other technologies as well are used to create these buildings walls and facades.

Thanks to all the sources that allowed me to put these photos online.
However if you are the author of a work or snapshot and don’t wish to be represented, please tell me so that I could remove it right away.

Have fun discovering some of the most beautiful walls and facades in the world and come back as we’ll have the pleasure to regularly add photos for you. Have fun !

Lovely Flowers
Lovely Flowers (next)

Take your time, sit down comfortably and smell the perfume of the delicious flowers you’re going to discover in this new gallery.
You can also play with us and share your knowledge and experience.
I could replace some of the number header of each photo thanks to bright ideas of yours.
I’m looking forward to discovering all of your suggestions and comments !

Sphagnum topiaries

I’ll show you the way to my new photos gallery where you’ll be spellbound by the gorgeous and amazing creations by gardeners and landscapers all over the world. You’re going to love it !
I’ve also added a new topiary page” regarding the art of topiaries and a few words of explanation about building a sphagnum sculpture.

Click on the following sphagnum rabbit to jump to the gallery !

Sphagnum rabbit


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