Exterior plant wall

Both design and evolutionary !

Adopting an outdoor vertical garden allows you to have your own garden on your balcony or terrace while meeting the constraints of our modern urban lifestyle. Indeed our urban gardens are becoming smaller when they are not reduced to simple balconies. The time available for gardening is minimal and back pains are widespread.

An outdoor plant wall offers several advantages:

  • Saves space, since the sphagnum moss green wall hangs and is vertical.
  • Saves time, because no weeding is necessary
  • It prevents back pain, since you can garden without bending down
  • An economy of water because the water supply within the moss is restored to the plants according to their needs, and watering is no longer a chore.
  • Clean and without odor, the plant wall with sphagnum moss can be placed near your garden furniture and living space
  • Both aesthetic and environmentally friendly, the green wall can change with the seasons or your mood while being very decorative and original.

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