Green walls & facades

Vertical gardens and green facades

Different methods exist for achieving plant walls or facades, but one of the easiest way to implement without requiring tedious maintenance is the use a variety of Sphagnum moss from the island of Chiloe, west of Chile.

Plant walls, living walls, green facades, vertical gardens… whatever the name or the method used, the concept comes from urban gardening and consists of revegetating vertical surfaces inside or outside buildings and homes to increase thermal insulation and sound insulation or simply create an aesthetic space with the greatest respect for ecology.

The Chiloé sphagnum moss has remarkable properties. Its great ability to retain water without loss of volume over time, its antibacterial and odorless characteristics due to its naturally acidic pH and its effectiveness in terms of heat and sound insulation, make it the ideal substrate for indoor plant walls, outside facades and vegetated roofs. Plants planted directly in the moss rapidly colonize the plant walls.

You’d like an indoor garden ? Grow your favorite plants without wasting space, enjoy a vertical garden inside your house ? You need a solution for thermal or sound insulation ? Exterior walls with plants are both aesthetic and ecological.