Why and How !

Green roof: Why and how?

The green roof has many environmental benefits: the topsoil absorbs outside noise, filters rainwater and fixes air pollution, increases the inertia of a house, improves thermal insulation, protects the building from UV and heat shock (cooling in summer), etc…

Why vegetate the roof?

Due to the excessive heating of the air through the roofs and asphalt (waterproofing the ground), cities are always warmer and more polluted than the countryside. The proliferation of green roofs has undeniable ecological repercussions for cities.

How to make a vegetated roof?

Whether a new or an old roof, a green roof can almost always find its place. But …

  • The water tightness of the roof at first, must be perfect.
  • The roof must allow installation without slipping of the vegetation layer.
  • The roots of plants should not damage the watertight surfaces.
  • The base must bear the weight of additional plants as well as the weight of people in charge of occasional maintenance.

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