Green fence and vegetal inside wall both with sphagnum moss in France !

Thanks very much to Mr Christophe Pieri from Pieri jardins in Sanary sur Mer in France.
We just received from Mr Pieri some fantastic photos of amazing inside and outside green walls. He designed and carried out with various plants on a sphagnum base.
Congratulations Mr Pieri ! whistle2
Please have a glance at these fantastic green walls here ! They are worth to be seen.

He wrote us :
Voici quelques photos, la surface totale de ce mur intérieur est 50 m2.
Il est fait au siege social du groupe RESO à Marseille.
La cloture fait 50 m de long sur 2 de haut elle se trouve à ramatuelle.
Bien cordialement Christophe Pieri.”

“Here are some pictures, the total area of the inner wall is 50 m2.
It is made at the headquarters office of the group RESO in Marseille.
The fence is 50 meters long and 2 high and it is located in Ramatuelle (Côte d’Azur region near St Tropez) in France.
Sincerely Christopher Pieri.”

Mur intérieur Groupe RESO Marseille in France

Mur intérieur Groupe RESO Marseille in France par Mr C. Pieri de PieriJardins

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