Welcome to Green Constructions !

You’d like to cover your wall inside your kitchen, your restaurant, your company with real plants and flowers ?

Watering canYou’re dreaming of a lovely garden on your roof ?
You are a gardener, a landscaper or an architect and you have plans for a green roof or a green facade?
Great ! You’ re on the right site. .
Here, you’ll find all about “Sphagnum Chiloé“, plantsflowers and topiaries designing.
Furthermore we help you with the construction of your wall, facade or roof all over the world !

Grow your favorite plants without wasting space, use a garden wall inside. Need a solution for thermal or sound insulation, exterior walls of plants are both aesthetic and ecological.

ArabesqueOriginally, the purpose of green roofs and vegetated facades was for insulation against the cold in the Nordic countries and against heat in the southern countries.
But today, green roofs and vegetated facades also play an aesthetic role for ecological camouflaging of unsightly urban buildings.

Green bird.
Sphagnum Chiloé“? What’s the meaning of sphagnum ?
What are its origins and does it exist other applications apart vertical gardens and green roofs ?

Is it true that we can grow vegetables and fruits on sphagnum ?
How can we respect the environment ?
Do we need organic insecticides, pesticides ?

Lovely Flower“Gather the wild flowers for rich and for poor,
Lowliest cottage or stateliest hall,
Childhood and old age their bright smiles allure,
Free as the sunbeams, they blossom for all.”

Excerpt from ‘Gather the Wild Flowers
by: Martha Lavinia Hoffman (1865-1900)

Your attention please !
We pay attention to your opinions and ideas so don’t forget to drop a line or two into the comments pages.

Thanks for it and have a nice visit !



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